Madrid Hackathon

Madrid Hackathon

Medialab Prado facilities, Madrid

In order to let developers enrich COSMOS project, we organised a Hackathon so COSMOS architecture and functionalities would be used to develop new services. The Hackathon started on July 11th, taking place at Medialab Prado facilities, in Madrid and was designed in two phases:

• 1st phase: from July 11th up to August 8th at 23:59 hours; to develop data collections
• 2nd phase: from August 12th up to September 9th; to let the previous winning teams to develop the service prototypes

There were 109 attendants, with 93 active participants (developers).

The 2nd phase has been completed, therefore an event took place at MediaLab Prado on September 14th, in order to present the results. Watch the event here!