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EuCNC workshop

Athens, Greece

COSMOS was the main organizer of a special session/workshop during the EuCNC 2016 event that was held in Athens from 27-30 June 2016.
The title of the workshop was “Abstractions and Use Cases of converged Big Data, Telecom and IoT technologies” and the slots created were the following, in which COSMOS was represented in two cases:

1) Welcome and Introduction
2) Predictive Analysis for Proactive Traffic Management (Juan Sancho, ATOS, Spain and Adnan Akbar, University of Surrey, UK)
3) A Real Time Sentiment Analysis Algorithm using Streaming Data from Twitter (Fotis Aisopos, NTUA, Greece)
4) A Coherent and Rich PaaS with a Common Programming Model (Ricardo Jimenez, LeanXcale, Spain, Pavlos Kranas, ICCS/NTUA, Greece)
5) Satisfying Telecom and IoT big data application requirements using multiple data stores in a coherent way (Vassilis Spitadakis, Neurocom, Greece)
6) IoT and big Data for Africa-the waziup project (Philippe Cousin, EGM, France and Abdur Rahim Biswas, CREATE-NET, Italy)
7) Model free approach based on IoT data analytics for energy efficiency in smart environments (Prof. Antonio Fernando Gómez Skarmeta, University of Murcia, Spain, FP7 ENTROPY and H2020 SMARTIE)
8) Adapting Cloud SLA metrics approaches for supporting IoT related Use Cases (George Kousiouris, Greece, H2020 SLALOM and FP7 COSMOS)
9) Recap, Open floor discussion, Future Steps and Directions

COSMOS was present with two slots. The presentations referred to our two presented topics, initially the Predictive Analysis for Pro-Active Traffic Management, exploiting COSMOS Smart Event identification flows, and secondly the joint work with H2020 SLALOM project on the benchmarking of ongoing standardization efforts (such as ISO's 19086-2 draft standard) relating to the definition of Cloud SLAs and their metrics and how they can also be applied in the IoT context for the respective features of interest. Presentations were also made available through the project website ( and the event website