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Situational Awareness

The large volume of data which is made available in an IoT environment does not necessarily mean applications can take effective decisions directly or make correct interpretations. For example, a single vehicle reporting a low speed is not always an indication of a traffic jam. On the other hand, a large number of vehicles reporting slow speeds on a particular highway section can be interpreted as an indication of such a traffic condition.

COSMOS intends to support the transition from raw data to value added information by providing mechanisms which facilitate Situational Awareness (SA) at two distinct levels: the Thing-centric SA and the platform level SA.

Despite their differences both levels are targeting the extraction of value added information from raw data in order to place Things into the relevant context when required. Also targeted is the information sharing among Things.
This kind of information is supported through the use of semantic descriptors for the resulting SA information. This allows Things to query for SA information either from the platform or from other Things.

More information can be found in Deliverable D6.1.2