Situational Awareness

The large volume of data which is made available in an IoT environment does not necessarily mean applications can take effective decisions directly or make correct interpretations. For example, a single vehicle reporting a low speed is not always an indication of a traffic jam.


The role of Registry component is to provide the adequate functionality for the retrieval of Things. This Registry is in fact a semantic Registry and is backed by the core COSMOS ontology.


The main functionality of the Planner component is “solving” problems. As such, its nature is depended on the reasoning approach that COSMOS follows. We developed an ontology-based Case-Base Reasoning Planner and adopted the Flat Memory and the Category Exemplar model. When the Planner “senses” a situation or accepts a query, it means that there is a new problem to solve.


Privelets component is an essential part of the COSMOS chain. Things are able to communicate with each other as well as with COSMOS platform and thus expose information linked to the end-user and his/her environment.

µCEP Engine

The µCEP (micro Complex Event Processing) Engine is provided in different flavours. You can download ready-to-use binary files for several platforms at our COSMOS GitHub repositories, or simpler, just deploy a Docker container and start using it. Alternatively, you can clone the source code and compile it yourself.

Newsletter, Issue 2

COSMOS has released the second version of the project newsletter, covering advancements from February 2015 to December 2015, including progress items, use cases demonstration, publications drafting and events attendance.

COSMOS participation in IEEE 2nd World Forum on Internet of Things

In COSMOS, we propose a novel method which combines the predictive power of Machine Learning with the processing capability of Complex Event Processing in order to predict complex events which provide the basis for Pro-active IoT6 applications.

Annual Polis Conference Presentation

The Polis Conference is a major platform for cities, metropolitan areas and regions to exchange on their transport challenges. High-level plenary sessions are complemented by technical sessions showing innovation in policy and practice across the transport spectrum.

COSMOS Analytics and Storage demo videos

The latest COSMOS Smart Events demo combining Cloud Storage, CEP and Apache Spark for Madrid traffic management can be found here .

Smart Cities Day

Smart Cities Day is a new conference based on case studies of the most inspiring cities worldwide. Held jointly with 3 international tech conferences, this one-day event invites city officials and innovators to shift from a technology-driven to a resident-centric approach. At stake: scaling-up urban labs and demonstrators for a global smart and inclusive city.